19 July 2020        
 We are facing a second wave of restrictions. The Post is doing it's best to comply with the state requirements and stay open for our members to enjoy our company. It is not an easy process. And we thought the military rules were a little crazy. We do have canopies outside to help shelter us from the sun. Thank all of you in advance for your patience.

                On the lighter side, there are some of what we consider normal things returning. There are sporting events and some outside activities. Not sure how the Post will handle Eagles day game activities. We will finalize plans as the time grows closer. If we can, we would like to have a summer cookout. That is not a guarantee. A horseshoe tournament would also be a possibility.

                Since we must all wear masks, we could have a contest. Take a photo wearing your mask and submit it to the Post. We could have two categories. One for the most creative mask, and another for the mask that makes it difficult to recognize the wearer. We can have some fun at this crazy time.

                Several of us attended the Horsham VFW Post reopening after a very difficult time. Congrats to them.

                Trivia question : How many SSBN Patrols did I make ? The first 3 correct answers will receive a free drink on me.